Various news and updates

Updated on a random time basis!

2013 uptime : 99.99999%

No network outages in 2013, another 100% uptime in both locations. 100% uptime for the VPS too. The worst problem was on a single server during a planned outage, a Saturday. The physical server has been changed in few hours, the hosted VPS were up & running far before...

Memory used by NinjaTrader on a Medium VPS

No need to have dozen of GB on a VPS to use Ninjatrader, and we can prove it: Of course, the amount of historical data loaded and the complexity of the indicators/strategies matters a lot... The quality of the custom code too!

Dedicated servers available in New-Jersey

We had some requests for very powerful configurations, which were a too large to fit in our virtualization infrastructure, so we offer now dedicated servers in New-Jersey. It's only in New-Jersey so far, as most requests were coming from Interactive Brokers or...

99.999% uptime in 2012

It's hard to give statistics which make sense, with multiple locations, and dozen and dozen of VPS on multiple servers, but this is roughly what we get. Basically we took the downtime for each VPS in minutes, divided by the amount of minutes X VPS quantity X 365 days....

VPS for Eurex ?

We are testing two different data locations in Europe, with a 10ms latency from Frankfurt and London. So the latency is good enough, now the key point is the reliability of these data centers, thats another aspect. We'all ask for some beta-testers soon!