Prices in €uros updated

With the current USD/EUR rate, we have updated our prices in EUR. Subscriptions in EUR have not been changed, but between the USD/EUR rate and the inflation and its impact on our costs, it may change.

RDP Brute-force attacks -> new firewalls!

There has been a lot of RDP brute-force/DDOS attacks these last 3 or 4 weeks, much more than usual and this is a problem. While the attacker can’t log on, too many incoming RDP connections on a VPS can freeze the remote desktop service, which means the legit...

Sept. 27th outages

Two network outages in Chicago on September 27th starting around 1:13 pm Central Time, about 3 minutes each. Too bad, it was so far a 100% uptime in Chicago for 2018!

Speedy Alert tool update

Few cool functions have been added, the IP geolocation of the user logging on is my favorite ;). Still free for our clients, if you don’t remember the download user/password send me a quick message!  

Patch week-end!

Some very dangerous Windows hacking tools have leaked, our infrastructure doesn’t seems to be at risk but it’s not a bad idea to install the latest Windows updates. In fact the timing is perfect (details on the vulnerabilities on a Friday evening, before...