Prices in €uros updated

With the current USD/EUR rate, we have updated our prices in EUR. Subscriptions in EUR have not been changed, but between the USD/EUR rate and the inflation and its impact on our costs, it may change.

RDP Brute-force attacks -> new firewalls!

There has been a lot of RDP brute-force/DDOS attacks these last 3 or 4 weeks, much more than usual and this is a problem. While the attacker can’t log on, too many incoming RDP connections on a VPS can freeze the remote desktop service, which means the legit...

Speedy Alert tool update

Few cool functions have been added, the IP geolocation of the user logging on is my favorite ;). Still free for our clients, if you don’t remember the download user/password send me a quick message!  

Few user comments

These are last month comments from some of clients. The majority of the comments are from user who were stopping their services as they don’t need it anymore. We usually don’t get a lot of details during the subscription period, as things are working fine,...


The web site look & feel has been updated, with some new content and new VPS payment options. Some visitors asked if we still in business, as the blog has not been updated for a while. We still in business, more than ever, with a fast and smooth activity curve. I...