Speedy Alert tool update

Few cool functions have been added, the IP geolocation of the user logging on is my favorite ;).
Still free for our clients, if you don’t remember the download user/password send me a quick message!


Speedy Alert Tool

Few user comments

These are last month comments from some of clients. The majority of the comments are from user who were stopping their services as they don’t need it anymore.
We usually don’t get a lot of details during the subscription period, as things are working fine, so no comment!

You are by far the best VPS experience that I have had (and I tried several over the years).
Also on a personal note, thank you for being there to resolve issues without complaint so quickly. I always greatly appreciated that.

I’d like to thank you for supplying such a great VPS service though. VM[—] has been working perfectly for me.
I feel you’ve also supplied me with excellent customer service

JM (Spain):
I am going to stop trading for some time, so I won’t continue with the VPS for that time.
Thank you for your services, I will contact you when I come back.

KC (Canada):
As always, fantastic support.
I’ll be sure to remain a painless customer and will endorse your service over all others (which i do already) 🙂

When I determined I needed a Chicago VPS, I knew exactly where to go !!!
I wanted to thank you for your being able to get me up so quick today.

The service is excellent, rest assured that when I have viable systems to automate, I’ll be in touch again.

Works like a charm. Thank you! Now all I have to do is getting with the [—-]Futures guys to download the trader software.

LZ (CZ):
I need to close my VPS server with Speedy till end of this month, because I am facing an technical errors with [——] software which cause of unpredictable behavior within my [—] strategies…. therefore I stop usage VPS until I solve this problem… Hope in future I open it again, it has been very professional and reliable vps solution.
Thanks a lot for your services.


The web site look & feel has been updated, with some new content and new VPS payment options.

Some visitors asked if we still in business, as the blog has not been updated for a while.
We still in business, more than ever, with a fast and smooth activity curve. I wish to you the same curve for my own equity portfolio :).
As things are doing very well updating the blog was not and is not a priority, but we’ll try to add few useful things soon and on more regular basis.

2013 uptime : 99.99999%

No network outages in 2013, another 100% uptime in both locations.
100% uptime for the VPS too. The worst problem was on a single server during a planned outage, a Saturday. The physical server has been changed in few hours, the hosted VPS were up & running far before the Sunday afternoon, when the Globex open.
A single failure of a dedicated server, which generated a 15 minutes downtime for its user.

So, once again, not bad !!!