Replicator is a NinjaTrader 8 indicator which will replicate the orders
from a master account and from a master instrument to one or more
slave accounts and slave instruments.


Replicator has to be added in a chart (it won’t work in a strategy)
and the ChartTrader has to be enabled.
The slave account has to be selected in this slave chart. The
ChartTrader can then be hidden if you wish.
A ratio can be set, for example :
– the master account buys 1 contract
– with a ratio of 2 the slave account will buy 2 contracts


There are 4 parameters :
– Ratio : the order size multiplier, which has to be an integer equal
or greater than 1
– Source Account : which account name is the master account
– Source Instrument : the master instrument orders which will be
– Output debug : add details in NinjaScript Output window
In the example below :
– the master account is Sim101, the slave account is xxxx75
– the master instrument is NQ 12-19, the slave instrument MNQ 12-19
– the order ratio is 2
The Copy ON/Copy OFF button :
– if the button is not visible press F5 to reload the indicator. This
button won’t show up before all the required historical data of the
slave chart is loaded
– when it’s ON the trades are replicated, when it’s OFF there are not
– a use case can be using Replicator only for an entry, then put it off
and manage the slave orders manually


This indicator is not very smart so there are risks and few important
things to keep in mind.
1/ The price of the master instrument and the slave are not
compared : be sure to use instruments which are highly correlated !
Avoid EURUSD as the master instrument and ES on the slave !
2/ As the master and the slave instruments are different the fills will
be different. We can easily see a slave order filled and no fill on the
Used with NinjaTrader ATM the behavior can be funny…
3/ The master can use an ATM : the slave will mimick the orders
sent by the master but will not use its own ATM.

Can be purchase below ($100, one time fee).