Replicator is a NinjaTrader 8 indicator which will replicate the orders from a master account and from a master instrument to one or more slave accounts and slave instruments.


Replicator has to be added in a chart (it won’t work in a strategy) and the ChartTrader has to be enabled.
The slave account has to be selected in this slave chart. The ChartTrader can then be hidden if you wish.
A ratio can be set, for example :
– the master account buys 1 contract
– with a ratio of 2 the slave account will buy 2 contracts


There are 4 parameters :
– Ratio : the order size multiplier, which has to be an integer equal or greater than 1
– Source Account : which account name is the master account
– Source Instrument : the master instrument orders which will be replicated
– Output debug : add details in NinjaScript Output window

In the example below :
– the master account is Sim101, the slave account is xxxx75
– the master instrument is NQ 12-19, the slave instrument MNQ 12-19
– the order ratio is 2

The Copy ON/Copy OFF button :
– if the button is not visible press F5 to reload the indicator. This button won’t show up before all the required historical data of the slave chart is loaded
– when it’s ON the trades are replicated, when it’s OFF there are not
– a use case can be using Replicator only for an entry, then put it off and manage the slave orders manually

See it in action:



This indicator is not very smart so there are risks and few important things to keep in mind.
1/ The price of the master instrument and the slave are not compared : be sure to use instruments which are highly correlated! Avoid EURUSD as the master instrument and ES on the slave!
2/ As the master and the slave instruments are different the fills will be different. We can easily see a slave order filled and no fill on the master.
Used with NinjaTrader ATM the behavior can be funny…
3/ The master can use an ATM : the slave will mimick the orders sent by the master but will not use its own ATM.


Can be purchase below (100€, one time fee).

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