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Few user comments

These are last month comments from some of clients. The majority of the comments are from user who were stopping their services as they don't need it anymore. We usually don't get a lot of details during the subscription period, as things are working fine, so no...


The web site look & feel has been updated, with some new content and new VPS payment options. Some visitors asked if we still in business, as the blog has not been updated for a while. We still in business, more than ever, with a fast and smooth activity curve. I wish...

18 months uptime

To the question "How often will you restart my server?" or "Are your server stable, not reboot all the time?" a good example here (a VPS up and running for 559 days, without a single reboot or interruption):

For Android/iPad/iPhone/… users

The official RDP client is available for few months now, and it works fine. We recommend it, for Android and Apple devices, as this free tool has more functionnalities than the free RDP clients like 2X or PocketCloud. But these last two are working fine, with their...