Not a bad month, on the reliability point of view. Not a single data feed disconnection in months now, with my own VPS using Kinetick, that’s really very nice, I can’t imagine go back to what I used before this combo (Speedy Trading Server VPS + NinjaTrader + Kinetick).

We don’t guarantee our VPS uptime, because a catastrophic or a “black swan” event is always possible, but mainly because you need a “B plan”, ready to go, in your pocket, all the time. We made 100% uptime these last months, so we could very easily and with confidence provide a “99.99% guaranteed uptime”, but we won’t, everything can happen : you have to have your broker’s phone number in your pocket, all the time, and you have to be ready (so think about it before the event) for the worst (your Internet connection dead, your desktop PC dead, VPS unreachable, …).

Professional pilots are trained in simulators for very unusual failures, double failures, …, and they are ready for the worst. That’s one of the reason flying is one of the safest way to travel (using an elevator is the safest ;)).