trading servers


What are we offering ?

We offer high-performance, reliable co-located virtual and dedicated servers, for professional and individual traders.

Our servers are based in downtown Chicago, 1ms away from CME order matching servers and gateway servers of most popular brokers/clearing firms, in one of the best data centers in town, and also in New-Jersey, near the NYSE data center in Mahwah.

These servers have a 1000 Mbit/s network connection to Internet (100 Mbit/s for dedicated servers in Chicago).

Why do you need a VPS trading server from us ?

You trade CME or NYSE products, and want to optimize your fills and reduce your slippage.

You are, like us, automated trading addicts, and you need a very fast and reliable platform.

You can connect to the same remote desktop from work, home, or business trips – to monitor your trades from any location.

Leave your trading software running 24/7: don’t worry about restarting applications, reloading charts, filling in missing tick data, or even power outages.



How to access to your server ?

You will receive the name/IP address and a username/password for your server.

With this information, you will be able to log onto your server, using your favorite remote desktop client.

You will also receive the required information to contact the support (email/Skype id/phone number).

On your servers, you will see some trading tools already installed (NinjaTrader, IB TWS): enter a valid license key (if needed), configure your favorite data feed, and you are ready to trade!

You can also install your own trading software, like TradeStation, CTS T4, MultiCharts, SierraChart, Market Delta, Trade Navigator, eSignal, AmiBroker, X_Trader, MTPredictor, MetaTrader, …



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